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Foot and Ankle meeting

Experts meet experts

15-16 May, 2020

Venue: Crown Plaza hotel, M. K. Čiurlionio str. 84, Vilnius, Lithuania


Manfred Thomas and Xavier Martin Oliva
Local host:

Aleksas Makulavicius

Yves Tourne

Kris Buets

Joris Hermus

Hakon Kofoed


Friday, 15 May 2020

8:00-09:00 Registration

09:00 Opening and welcome: Manfred Thomas, Xavier Martin and Aleksas Makulavicius

09:05- 11:30 Module I. Ankle and hindfoot problems

09:05 – 09:25 Crossfire “For ankle osteoarthritis I prefer: SMOT v. TAR v. fusion”. When and why?

09:25-09:40 Case based presentation 1 (SMOT)

09:40-09:55 Case based presentation 2 (AD)

09:55-10:10 Case based presentation 3 (TAR)

10:10- 10:20 Discussion and summary

10:20-11:00 Crossfire “For Pilon fracture I prefer Ex Fix v. ORIF for definitive treatment”

10:20-10:35 Case based presentation 1 (Pilon ORIF)

10:35-10:50 Case based presentation 2 (Pilon Ex Fix)

10:50-11:00 Discussion and summary

11:00-11:20 Coffee break

11:20-12:00 Crossfire “For severe flexible flatfoot I prefer fusion v. joint preserving reconstruction”

11:20-11:35 Case presentation 1 ( fusion)

11:35-11:50 Case presentation 2 ( joint preserving surgery)

11:50-12:00 Discussion and summary

12:00-12:40 Crossfire “For cavovarus foot I prefer fusion v. joint preserving reconstruction”

12:00-12:15 Case presentation 1 (fusion)

12:15-12:30 Case presentation 2 (joint preserving surgery)

12:30-12:40 Discussion and summary

12:40- 13:15 My very bad case

13:15-14:00 Lunch

14.00-14:20 Invited speaker “Osteochondritis dissecans of the talus“

14:20-17:00 Module II. Midfoot and forefoot problems

14:20-14:50 Crossfire “I prefer selective fusions v. fixation in Lisfranc injuries “

14:20-14:35 Case based presentation 1 (joint preserving surgery)

14:35-14:50 Case based presentation 2 (fusion)

14:50-15:00 Discussion and summary

15:00-15:40 Crossfire “I prefer NC or TMT I fusion v. medial cuneiform osteotomy for medial column realignment”

15:00-15:15 Case based presentation 1 (NC or TMT I  fusion)

15:15-15:30 Case based presentation 2 (Cotton)

15:30-15:40 Discussion and summary

15:40-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:40 Crossfire “For severe hallux valgus I prefer scarf or proximal osteotomy v. Lapidus”

16:00-16:15 Case based presentation 1 (scarf)

16:15-16:30 Case based presentation 2 (proksimal osteotomy)

16:30-16:45 Case based presentation 3 (Lapidus)

16:45-17:00 Discussion and summary

17:00-17:30 Unsolved questions and answers

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Module III. Forefoot and toe problems

09:00-09:40 Crossfire “I prefer joint preserving surgery v. fusion for MTP I joint osteoarthritis”

09:00-09:15 Case based presentation 1 (cheilectomy and osteotomy)

09:15-09:30 Case based presentation 2 (fusion)

09:30-09:45 Case based presentation 3 (interposition arthroplasty or replacement)

09:45-10:00 Discussion and summary

10:00-10:40 Crossfire “I prefer osteotomy and tendon transfer v. plantar plate repair”

10:00-10:15 Case based presentation 1 (osteotomy and tendon transfer)

10:15-10:30 Case based presentation 2 (plantar plate repair )

10:30-10:40 Discussion and summary

10:40-12:00 Complicated cases from participants

12:00 Closing and farewell


Everyone, who’s interested in foot and ankle pathology is welcome!


Lithuanian Foot and Ankle Society

Aleksas Makulavičius

Lietuvos pėdos chirurgijos draugija ( Lithuanian Foot and Ankle Society)
Address: Vytauto g. 24, Vilnius LT-2004  

Fee is 150 euro.

Bank :   AB SEB bankas Vilniaus filialas
Account number:  LT 317044060001595966

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